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Food Talk – Dishes for the Post-Holiday Dieter

If you’re like me and you ate like a pig this season, then this post is for you! Here’s basically all the recipes I’ve come up with for the last 4 days, keeping into consideration that while on a diet, only “substantial low-calorie foods” should be consumed. Hey, I’m not just a cook, I’m also a nutritionist, which means absolutely nothing! If I were a dietitian though…

Anyways, I don’t know who came up with the whole “NO LESS THAN 1200 CALORIES A DAY” bullshit. I’ve been eating around 300-600 for the last 4 days and I feel fine. And thus, all my meals have been around 100-200 calories each and made as nutrient-dense as possible. The trick is to keep it 3 ingredients or less, and enjoy the shit out of every bite…

This was also a great way to test out my new artificial lighting setup… my life is going to be so much less stressful thanks to this thing. ;-;

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Eggnog – Raw vs Cooked

Eggs, milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum.

Eggs, milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum.

Alright, eggnog! Let’s do this!!!

So let me start off by saying that I’m not scared of salmonella and I’m perfectly fine with consuming raw eggs. After looking into the history of eggnog a little, I found out that traditionally it is made using raw eggs. Also, look up “raw eggnog” and I guarantee most of the results will be by vegans, many of which who deliberately left out the word “vegan” from the title of the post with the chance that non-vegans may click on it and get tricked into making a vegan eggnog using carrageenan, guar gum, natural and artificial flavorings, spices, monoglycerides, and colorings… Wait sorry, those are actually the ingredients found in store-bought eggnog. Raw vegan eggnog is actually pretty good stuff, however, that’s not what I do here. I’m a traditionalist, so if you’re vegan, look for an eggnog recipe elsewhere. And most importantly, regardless of your dietary preferences, don’t buy eggnog from the store, please. Make it yourself, it takes literally 5 minutes and tastes that much better. (´・ω・`)

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Food Talk – It’s Chestnut Season!!!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, or chestnuts. Enjoy~~

Pumpkin season ended too early. We are now transitioning into Christmas season where I will proceed to live off a diet of eggnog, szaloncukor, coconut rum balls, poppy seed rolls, and whatever other desserts my friends and family decide to force feed me…

Fun, right? No. Not really. DO YOU REALISE HOW DIFFICULT IT ALREADY IS TO MAINTAIN MY FIGURE WHEN I LOVE FOOD THIS MUCH?!!! And now it’s Christmas season, the season of sweets and chestnuts and chocolate and butter… I was hoping I’d have more time to prepare. I don’t think my body will be able to take it. ;-;

But more importantly, this is the season in which I should be giving out some good holiday recipes… Well here’s the list:

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