Will I redo these recipes and make them vegan?

Probably not. It has been a long time since this site has been updated, but if I ever do, that’s what I would do with it. Unfortunately, as an actual line cook who works at a real restaurant, I don’t ever feel like cooking outside of work.

However, I do find myself struggling to eat on a daily basis, and I almost never sit down to have a full meal anymore. On top of that, I feel terrible about hosting a site full of recipes involving dead animals and would like to provide alternatives.

I do think about it, but whether or not I will do anything about it is another question.

FINAL UPDATE (31/05/18): No future plans. This website is over. Cooking is stupid. Go vegan, by the way.


About Crisis

Ha nem mind lehet enyém, akkor nem kérek semmit.

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