Food Talk – Apparently, good olive oil actually exists.

So if you know me, you’ll probably know I’m not too big on the olive oil craze. I know perfectly well that around 70% of supermarket olive oils are fake (my first bottle turned out to be over 50% sunflower oil) and yet even olive oil that I know to be real was always just “okay” for me.

Overall, I’m pretty sick of how olive oil is being treated like some sort of medicine for cancer and how we have fat women standing at these olive oil sampling stations telling me that saturated fat is bad for me and it’ll clog my arteries and that I should stop eating butter (this actually happened). However, this most recent occurrence was a little bit different…

I was just browsing around one of those fancy grocery stores (you know, the ones that have employees who aren’t too busy coming up with new ways to try to kill themselves and actually make an effort to help you), and normally I’d ignore the olive oil sampling station, but for some reason, on this day I decided to pop a piece of oily bread in my mouth, walked away, and a few seconds later I just… had to walk back.

"Olio Novello" extra-virgin olive oil by Domenica Fiore, the first olive oil that I really liked.

“Olio Novello” extra-virgin olive oil by Domenica Fiore, the first olive oil that I’ve ever truly enjoyed.

You see that bottle? It’s really really good. I mean it’s not butter, but it’s certainly the best olive oil that I’ve ever tasted. It was probably the first olive oil that I’d actually consider using as a dressing, because unlike every other olive oil I’ve tasted, this one had a unique flavour; it wasn’t just olive oil, it was olive oil with character. And take it from me; I’ve probably sampled around 15 olive oils (a realistic number) in my lifetime, but this is the only one I’ve ever tasted that actually had bite.

The fat lady there this time was actually really nice too. She had me sample a few other olive oils, but I maintained that the first one I tried was the best. She agreed, as that was also her favourite. I also sampled a few balsamic vinegars, pictured we have a $85 bottle (which was sooooo good…. I wish I found this before Christmas) and a much cheaper one which was also really good, especially for it’s price. All of these would make excellent gifts. (that means buy me a bottle pls I’ll cook for you)

This kind of opened up my mind a little to olive oil, in general. Up until now I thought that olive oil was just insanely popular thanks to the marketing campaign focusing on its supposed health benefits and very tiny trace amounts of vitamin E and “antioxidants”, whatever the fuck those are. This probably means nothing much to the average home cook, but for people who really care about the taste of their food, like I do, this is the bottle I’d recommend. But since I’m no olive oil connoisseur, there’s probably a better bottle somewhere out there, and if you know about it, I’d like to know about it too.

Overall though, I still prefer butter.

BITE THE BUTTER!! (and sip the oil?)

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