Kókuszgolyó (Coconut Rum Balls)

Chocolate cherry-filled rum balls rolled in shredded coconut.

(Pronunciation: “Koh-koos Go-yo”)

Coconut rum balls; a popular treat commonly given away in Hungary during the holidays!

While coconut rum balls aren’t necessarily Hungarian, they are the most popular type of rum ball in Hungary so they qualify as something I could add to the Hungarian section of my cookbook which I think is starting to hold me back culinary-wise because Hungarians are basically wannabe French cooks. I suppose that applies to me as well…? ;-;

Now having said that, these aren’t particularly amazing, so don’t bother making them unless you’re going through a Hungarian food marathon or whatever like I am, or just want something easy to make and give away next Christmas, because I wrote this recipe after Christmas, so it’s pretty much too late for that. (´・ω・`)

Ingredients (Makes ~11 balls)
250g honey graham crackers*
1/2 stick (1/4 cup or 55g) butter
1/2 cup (60g) powdered sugar
3 tbsp cocoa powder
5 tbsp rum
fresh, canned, or frozen sour cherries
~13g shredded coconut**

1. Chop cold butter into cubes and add to a food processor with graham crackers, powdered sugar, and cocoa powder. If you don’t have a food processor and/or couldn’t find pre-ground crackers, smash the graham crackers up as finely as you can using a rolling pin or whatever you have lying around, and mix butter in with the powdered sugar using your hands before adding the other ingredients. (To make this easier, let the butter sit at room temperature for 10-20 minutes so it softens up making it easier to mold into the sugar.)
2. Once everything is well mixed in the food processor, start adding your rum a tablespoon at a time until it starts clumping up, which should be about 4 tablespoons in, but I like to add one more for good luck and also to give it some extra rummy flavour.
3. Take lumps of your mixture and add your cherries, or whatever filling you decide on, into the center and mold the mixture around it, sealing it in the center. It’s easier to roll the mixture into balls if your hands are damp.
4. As you finish rolling each ball, roll them around on a plate set up with your shredded coconut. If the coconut doesn’t adhere to the balls, just give them a nice rubbing with damp hands. Set aside.
5. Store in the fridge for probably a long time, until you’re ready to give them away. Not sure. They should keep at room temperature pretty well too, I suppose it depends on the freshness of the fruit you put in the center.

*In Hungary they use something called “Hásztartási keksz” which basically translates to “plain biscuits” made from flour, sugar, and maybe some butter and eggs. The closest thing I could find where I live were honey graham crackers, but any crusty semi-sweet crackers or biscuits should work just fine. You can get them pre-ground too, which could make the food processor unnecessary.
**I dumped about 20g onto a plate and measured the remainder at 7g. Oh yeah, I care that much. (´・ω・`)

(kokuszgolyo, kokusz, kokus, kokooss, golyo, goyo, kokusgoyo)


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