Food Talk – The Aftermath of Christmas Season


I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas! I know I did, and I got 8 pounds of new body fat to prove it! (´・ω・`)

In the end I couldn’t get through all the recipes I had planned. It’s a real pain in the ass when you don’t have an artificial lighting setup and pretty much rely on sunlight to get the perfect lighting for food pictures, but thankfully that’s not a problem anymore because GUESS WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS. (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)

I still enjoyed the shit out of my vacation, and I hope everybody else did too! So here are all the stuff that I actually managed to cook and obtain nice pictures for to celebrate my favourite time of the year~!!! I’d also like to hear about everyone else’s food adventures from this season, so feel free to share in the comment section and post your pictures if you have them! ( ^_^)/

Beef Wellington

I got a beef tenderloin as a present, and I really wanted to give this dish a try… And I know it sounds a little farfetched, but this was arguably the tastiest thing I’ve ever cooked. It was so good, I even asked my mother as we ate “Is this the tastiest thing I ever cooked?” to which she responded “Yes, this is the tastiest thing you’ve ever cooked.” Everybody loved it! We even had a guest who hated mushrooms and would normally refuse to eat them, but apparently I was able to make them palatable enough for him. It felt good… Also I made puff pastry from scratch for the first time and I was super proud of myself. It was actually really fucking easy; all these dumb recipes kept saying “FOLD, LEAVE IN FRIDGE FOR 20 MINUTES, REPEAT”, but honestly, you don’t need to be so god damn on the dot about it… Instructions like that are really annoying to follow, so I think I’ll be releasing my own recipe for a traditional puff pastry in the future with instructions that aren’t so anal about timing.

I used Gordon Ramsay’s holiday edition recipe but excluded the chestnuts because we didn’t have them, used Dijon mustard instead of English mustard, and black forest ham instead of parma ham. Believe it or not, the best part of this dish was duxelle filling and the puff pastry; the tenderloin was arguably my least favourite component despite being the most expensive! I’m sorry… the juices from those mushrooms and that ham all kind of came together and that puff pastry soaked up so much flavour… oh boy… It actually gave me an idea for a crêpe recipe…

Bûche de Noël (Yule Log)


This was a fun little test of my cake decorating abilities. It was also the first… it could’ve come out better; my spongecake could’ve not fallen apart when I tried to roll it, my ganache could’ve not overcooked because I could’ve remembered not to cook the chocolate with the cream and instead just heat up the cream and pour it over the chocolate to let it melt, my meringues could’ve stayed in the oven a little longer since when they came out they were incredibly squishy and difficult to work with, I could’ve remembered to save some of the lighter coloured butter cream that I used for the filling as the spread for the open sections of the log, and I could’ve had more toppings planned. However, gluing the spongecake back together with the buttercream, diluting the ganache with water to make it a little looser, being very careful not to squish the meringues, using a bit of sour cream to give a lighter colour to the open sections of the log and garnishing the log with pomegranate seeds proved to be semi-sufficient. Semi-sufficient meaning good enough, but I’m still going to beat myself up over it and learn from my mistakes.

Everybody enjoyed the taste though, but then again it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate, butter, sugar, and eggs… I used JapaneseCooking101‘s recipe for the cake and buttercream, and that episode of The French Chef where Julia Child makes a bûche de noël for decoration tips.

Kókuszgolyó (Coconut Rum Balls)

Chocolate cherry-filled rum balls rolled in shredded coconut.

Chocolate cherry-filled rum balls rolled in shredded coconut.

I made these to give away as Christmas presents for people I like. It took me 3 attempts before I came up with a perfect recipe, and I’ll be posting said recipe soon.


Recipe here.


I think that’s everything that I was actually successful with… My mom also cooked the turkey, the stuffing (mushrooms, hard-boiled egg whites, parsley), using the left over egg yolks to make an egg yolk + mustard bread-spread. It was ridiculously good… remind me to ask her for the full recipe. ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Also, I was dead serious about gaining 8 pounds within the last 4 days.  You have to understand: I fucking LOVE food. I’m also one of those people with a stomach that doesn’t send messages to my brain telling me when to stop eating, so I can basically eat 3 doughnuts, 1/4 cup of peanut butter, the rest of the chocolate buttercream that wasn’t on the cake, the rest of my mother’s homemade bread (which was about 8-10 slices totaling 1100 calories, not including the maple syrup, butter, peanut butter and jam), a greek salad with about 100g of feta cheese… Oh, and a couple packages of chocolate truffles, a chocolate santa, an entire Brie cheese wheel with apricot jam, and that was just my lunch… For breakfast I had the rest of the stuffing, the rest of my mom’s egg yolk bread spread which I put on her homemade bread, and about 2 servings of sour cherry soup… Believe it or not, I was still hungry for dinner by the end of it. Now consider the fact that I ate like this for 4 days straight, and it could easily add up to 28000 excess calories, which is what would be required in order to gain 8 pounds. (´・ω・`)

It was lots of fun though…

Eat, drink and be merry, and tomorrow; WE DIET!!! \(^O^)/

(kokuszgolyo, kokusz, golyo, buche de noel)


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