Meggyes-Mákos Rétes (Sour Cherry & Poppy Seed Strudel)

A puff pastry strudel filled with sour cherries and poppy seeds.

(Pronunciation: “Meh-dyesh Mah-kosh Rey-tesh”)

Remember when I said that the cottage cheese strudel was the easiest strudel ever? I lied. This is basically as easy as it gets… I was actually surprised myself at how little I needed to add to the filling to make it taste as amazing as it did! It’s also probably going to be the last strudel recipe I’ll be posting. Probably. We’ll see. It’s just that strudels are too easy. (´・ω・`)

So besides the cottage cheese strudel, other popular strudels in Hungary involve sour cherries and poppy seeds, and sometimes both. I personally love the combination of sour cherries and poppy seeds, so I’ll be doing both in the same strudel~! \(^ω^\)

I’m using those canned sour cherries you get in those jars with that pink syrup, the same kind I use for sour cherry soup, and I’ll be using the entire 796ml jar but without the liquid, so around 500g of pitted sour cherries, fresh or canned. You could probably use frozen sour cherries for this too, just make sure you thaw them in hot water beforehand. Originally I wanted to use the liquid from the jar too so I wasn’t wasting, but I didn’t have any gelatin or any thickening agents of any sort to prevent it from drowning my pastry and I doubt most other people do, but if you want you could probably save the liquid and use it for a fruit soup (but with a fruit other than sour cherries because you just used all the sour cherries to make a strudel…)

I’m also using packaged puff pastry again. You can easily use phyllo pastry for this, it’s just that I had puff pastry to get rid of so that’s what I used~!! \(^O^)/ (puff pastry is also much easier to work with, and it tastes better…)

Annnnnnnd I should probably add real quick that you’ll need a spice grinder/magic bullet/coffee grinder/poppy seed grinder to grind the poppy seeds before you attempt this recipe.

Ingredients for 2 rolls (serves 8)
1 package of puff pastry (450g)
500g pitted sour cherries (around 2 cups frozen, fresh, or canned without the liquid)
200g poppy seeds
2 tbsp granulated sugar, or to taste
1&1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 lemon
1/4 tsp salt
powdered sugar to serve

0. Remember to defrost your puff/phyllo pastry if you bought frozen pastry that you didn’t make yourself!!!
1. Strain the syrup from your sour cherries if you’re using canned ones and add them to a mixing bowl.*
2. Grind your poppy seeds with a coffee grinder or whatever you have (they should be ground until they start clumping) and add those to the mixing bowl.
3. Add sugar, cinnamon, a pinch of salt, the juice from one lemon freshly squeezed, along with its zest, freshly grated. Give it a good mix with a spoon.
4. Taste and adjust; does it need more sugar or cinnamon? Add more of whatever as needed, and preheat your oven to 375F.
5. Pour your filling onto the puff pastry leaving 2 inches at each side so you can tuck them in later. If you’re using 2 sheets, pour half of the filling onto each. If you have too much filling and not enough pastry, just eat it as a snack. It’s tasty as is~!!
6. Fold the pastry tightly around the filling into a log shape, tucking in the sides and pressing down on the edges so they fuse together as it cooks in the oven.
7. Place strudel log edge-side-down onto some parchment paper and put that into the oven for 25-35 minutes, or until the top gets nice and brown.
8. Let it cool at room temperature at least 30 minutes before cutting.
9. Serve topped with powdered sugar, and enjoy! ( ^_^)/

*If you’re using frozen sour cherries, try defrosting them in some hot water for a few minutes. If you’re using fresh ones, you have my envy. m(._.)m

(meggyes, meggy, mak, mák, makos, retes, retesh, makosh)

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