Fried Eggs & Hashbrowns

Crispy shredded potatoes served with fried eggs sunny-side-up.

Crispy shredded potatoes served with fried eggs sunny-side-up.

Yeah I know this recipe is probably nothing too fancy, but I figured I needed a breakfast recipe that includes fried eggs served with… well, something other than toast. (´・ω・`)

I mean don’t get me wrong, fried eggs served on toast is a decent breakfast, but there’s no way in hell I’ll be putting up a recipe that goes:



Soooo… hash browns? Hash browns. (◕‿◕✿)

Getting my hash browns to stay together has proven to be quite a challenge… I’ve been told that the secret is to use a lot of oil, but I wasn’t a fan of the idea of having something deep-fried for breakfast so I just served them as crispy shredded potatoes which taste just as amazing, and in the end, that’s all that matters~!!! \(^O^)/

Actually, the secret is to use a non-nonstick pan and pressing the hash browns down firmly into clumps, perhaps several clumps so they can be flipped more easily, then flipping and cooking them on both sides until they’re crispy, as opposed to stir-frying them…

Now keep in mind; there is no flour or egg whites in hash browns. Adding those things would make it a potato pancake, not a hash brown… I’m looking at you, Laura Vitale

I will however be adding a bit of onion, because it adds a really good oniony flavour and make your hash browns go from being just plain shredded potatoes to shredded potatoes… with onion. ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ

I tried shredding in some garlic once too, and I didn’t like it very much… I usually love garlic, but not in this.

Ingredients per serving
1 starchy potato*
1/2 brown onion
2 eggs
1&1/2tbsp lard, peanut oil, or clarified butter**
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp salt

1. Start by grating your potato(es) with the skins on, or you can peel them if you’re weird, into a bowl of cold water. Rinse the shredded potatoes very thoroughly to wash out the starch which will prevent your potatoes from getting crispy, then drain the water and rinse the shredded potatoes again in a second batch of cold water.
2. Drain the water, again, and put the potatoes into a potato ricer to squeeze out all the liquid getting them as dry as you can possibly make them. Moisture is another thing that will prevent your hash browns from getting crispy. You can also use a paper towel for this; dump them on the paper towel and squeeze them hard, getting all that water out.
3. Add shredded potatoes to a mixing bowl. Grate in your onion, add your seasoning, then give it a good mix. Taste and adjust seasoning; it may need more salt, or paprika, depending on how big your potato was.
4. Get a skillet nice and hot with your oil of choice on medium-high heat. Add your shredded potatoes into the hot skillet, pat it down so it’s clumped up evenly and cook for 5 minutes or so, until the bottom gets crispy. You can also make smaller, several hash browns from a single potato which may make them easier to flip without having them falling apart.
5. Give the skillet a nice shake and pray the hash browns stick together. If not, that’s okay, just serve them as shredded stir-fried potatoes; give them a toss and a stir and make each individual shred nice and crispy. If your hash browns stick together, give them a flip and cook the other side until crispy.

I like to start cooking my eggs at this point, since they cook pretty quickly and the hash browns may take a little longer, and I don’t want my eggs to get cold before the hash browns are done.

6. Get another skillet hot with your oil of choice and pan-fry your eggs however you like them***.
7. Serve both the finished hash browns and fried eggs onto your plate, sprinkle on some freshly ground pepper, and eat by dipping your shredded potatoes into the egg yolks! \(^ω^\)

*Russet, Yukon Gold, etc. Not red ones; those are waxy, not starchy. The exact weight is irrelevant; this is a breakfast recipe. Who the hell weights their potatoes in the morning? Just get a medium-sized potato and grate that thing until you’re tired.
**You need a stable high-temperature oil to get them crispy at all, so clarified butter is your best bet… if you’re too lazy to clarify your butter like I am (which is literally just putting butter in the microwave and skimming the oily part off the top leaving the milky residue at the bottom), use lard. If you don’t have lard, which most people don’t, peanut oil is third best. Coconut oil? Maybe… but that might be too sweet for an egg dish. As for the amounts, I usually do a tablespoon for the hash browns (if it was a big potato, or maybe half a tablespoon for a smaller one) and no more than half a tablespoon for the 2 eggs. The hash browns will pretty much absorb all of the oil you use, unless of course you’re deep-frying, so only use as much for the hash browns as you’re willing to consume; but keep in mind that if you use too little, your hash browns won’t get crispy and probably won’t stick together. Still tasty though.
***I do mine sunny-side up on medium heat with a bit of basting using a spoon (scooping up the excess fat/oil from the pan and pouring it on top of the eggs as they cook). I’ll use the same fat as the one I’m cooking my hash browns with, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pull out the butter when the lard is already there…

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