Food Talk – It’s Chestnut Season!!!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, or chestnuts. Enjoy~~

Pumpkin season ended too early. We are now transitioning into Christmas season where I will proceed to live off a diet of eggnog, szaloncukor, coconut rum balls, poppy seed rolls, and whatever other desserts my friends and family decide to force feed me…

Fun, right? No. Not really. DO YOU REALISE HOW DIFFICULT IT ALREADY IS TO MAINTAIN MY FIGURE WHEN I LOVE FOOD THIS MUCH?!!! And now it’s Christmas season, the season of sweets and chestnuts and chocolate and butter… I was hoping I’d have more time to prepare. I don’t think my body will be able to take it. ;-;

But more importantly, this is the season in which I should be giving out some good holiday recipes… Well here’s the list:

Bejgli – Hungarian poppy seed roll traditionally served during Christmas.
Mákos Guba – Hungarian poppy seed bread pudding. I might do this another season since it’s not as traditional as above.
Kókuszgolyó – Chocolate buttery rum balls rolled in desecrated coconut… God help me.
Halászlé – Hungarian fish soup. This is a big maybe. If I can figure out how to make it outside of Hungary before the season ends…
Lencsefőzelék – Lentil stew, traditionally eaten in Hungary on new years eve to promote good luck or something like that.
Korhelyleves – Another big maybe. A disgusting mess of a soup usually eaten the morning after new years eve celebration to cure hangovers…
Eggnog – Don’t play dumb you know what eggnog is.
Bûche de Noël – Some yule log thing, not sure. I saw Julia Child make it once and decided I had to try it.

That should be it… besides of course the legendary Beef Wellington. I’ll probably be using Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for this though, since I’ve never made one and I’ll probably never get another chance to work with a $100 cut of beef… Might as well play it safe and trust the pros, right? ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Anything I missed for which you may want a recipe from yours truly? Let me know in the comment section, and I probably won’t even consider your suggestion because I literally looked at all the traditional Christmas recipes already and only picked up a handful that I’m willing to do before I start getting too worried about my weight. (´・ω・`)

And before somebody asks, no, you don’t get a fruitcake recipe. Get lost.


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