Champ (Mashed Potatoes with Scallions)

Irish-style mashed potatoes with scallions and finished with a pool of butter.

Champ. Pretty much just a mashed potatoes recipe, but adding in scallions makes it Irish. Same way I made it Hungarian by adding paprika at the end (this was done after the picture was taken because it looked stupid).

Besides being “just a mashed potatoes recipe”, this is also the BEST mashed potatoes recipe ever. So warm, so fluffy… this is the ultimate comfort food…

Also, that pool of butter? Hnnggghh……….

Ingredients per serving as a main. Makes 2 side servings.
450g starchy potatoes (not waxy red ones)
30g (2 tbsp) butter
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup chopped scallion greens
1 tsp garlic powder
salt/pepper to taste
additional spices you like (I like nutmeg, freshly grated)

0. It’s a good idea to start off by getting your butter out right at the beginning and divide it into 3 pieces, each to be added at different stages during the cooking process.
1. Bring water in a large pot to a boil with a pinch of salt.
2. Thoroughly rinse your potatoes, and if you wish to peel them do so now. (I don’t peel because I like the skin.)
3. Chop up the potatoes into medium-sized chunks, about 2-3 inches in diameter. I usually quarter mine, depending on their size.
4. Once the water starts boiling, throw in your potatoes and cook at a gentle simmer uncovered for 20-25 minutes, until the potatoes are fork-tender.
5. In the meantime, chop up your scallions and cook them on low heat with about 1/3 of your reserved butter. Once they’ve softened up, “deglaze” with your milk, give it a good stir, and set the heat down to low just to get the milk warm.
6. Drain your potatoes and add them back into the pot, putting them back on the heat so that the remaining water has a chance to evaporate. Give the potatoes a good initial mash with a potato masher, about two laps around, then add 1/3 of your reserved butter and mash that in as well.
7. Once potatoes are fully mashed, pour in your milk with the scallions and butter from the pan into the potato pot, as well as your garlic powder and salt/pepper, and give that a good stirring and fluffing with your fork. You could use a whisk for this, but then you’d have to wash a whisk, so just use the fork you’ll be eating with and save yourself the trouble.
8. Adjust seasoning. Serve mashed potatoes onto a plate. Sculpt into a volcano shape making a nice pit on top for the butter pool, then toss in your remaining butter and just let it melt… (Feel free to pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds to speed up the process if waiting is just unbearable.)
9. Sprinkle on any additional spices you like such as paprika, and eat. As your fork penetrates the potatoes it should allow the butter on top to drip down the mash as if it were a volcano in the highest peak of the heavenliest of heavens filled with the residual love juices of– you know what? Just shut up and enjoy the most delicious mashed potatoes in the world.

You could add more milk if you want, but 1/4 cup is just perfect for me. I don’t like my mash runny…

I should however add that real, authentic Irish-style champ shouldn’t be runny at all. As in, if you turn a bowl containing it upside down it should either remain stationary, or slowly fall out as one big chunk. It should not ooze out, and it DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BE A SOUP LIKE IN THIS VIDEO I MEAN JESUS CHRIST WHAT WERE THEY THINKING

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