Sweet Potato Fries

Oven-baked sweet potatoes cut into fries.

This is probably the recipe that started it all for me.

While I was visiting my sister in London, she took me bar hopping for the first time. It was that night that I had gotten my first taste of a gin-based martini, quality beer, curry mayonnaise, and of course, the amazing yet simple food known as the sweet potato, in fry form. Perhaps it only felt as amazing as it did as a result of my inebriation, but I don’t remember ever tasting something as close to heaven as I did that day. I’ve been hooked on sweet potatoes ever since.

Sometime later, closer to home, I went out drinking with my mates where I ordered a different helping of sweet potato fries, but this time it was not as good. Not even close. The potatoes were dry on the inside, and at the same time a little too oily on the outside. Perhaps the seasoning was off, maybe the fries were undercooked, but whatever the case I was thoroughly displeased. From that day onward, I sought out to create the tastiest sweet potato fries recipe I could possibly conceive, so that I could enjoy them whenever I wanted. And thus began my obsession with cooking…

Ingredients per serving
350g sweet potatoes
1 tbsp olive oil*
salt/pepper to taste

Seasonings of choice! My current favourite combinations:

For slightly hot:
1/4 tbsp paprika
1/4 tbsp chili powder
1/8 tbsp cayenne pepper

For slightly sweet:
1/4 tbsp cinnamon
1/8 tbsp nutmeg
1/8 tbsp Chinese five-spice
1/8 tbsp cayenne pepper
(Omit the black pepper for this one)

1. Chop up sweet potatoes into fries, or chips. Peel them if you’d like, but I recommend leaving the skin on.
2. Add slices to bowl and mix with spices + olive oil until evenly coated.
3. Preheat oven to anywhere from 450F to 500F. Lower temperatures will yield softer fries while higher temperatures will result in more crispiness.
4. Add the slices to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a wired rack** and cook for 20-40 minutes, or until they’re as crispy as you want them. Flip them halfway through the cooking process.

A very simple and versatile recipe. I highly encourage playing around with your choice in spices. I use paprika for obvious reasons, and cumin since I like it. Some people do it with chili powder, cayenne pepper, and some even like to toss in a bit of sugar. Just throw in your favourite spices and you’ll probably enjoy it.

*I have experimented with coconut oil because I heard stuff about not baking stuff with olive oil past its smoke point. I experimented by cooking two batches at once, one with olive oil the other with coconut oil. They both seemed to cook the exact same way, and neither got burnt. The olive oil batch, however, tasted better. So use olive oil. ( ^_^)/
**If you’re using a wired rack, you won’t need to flip them and they’re less likely to burn.

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