Eggs scrambled with tomatoes and feta cheese.

This took me quite some time to perfect. First few times I added too many tomatoes, it was usually soggy and it always had an unappetizing liquid forming at the bottom. Overtime I experimented with different methods and ingredients, and now I have mastered the art of strapatsada, and added my own Hungarian “twist” to it. And now I am passing my ever-lasting knowledge onto you. Go forth and make me proud. (´・ω・`)

Also, I once saw a video where a woman used ketchup instead of tomatoes. I puked. Hard.

Ingredients per serving
1/2 brown onion
1 beef steak tomato
2 eggs
75g feta cheese
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp paprika
1 clove garlic
1 tsp oregano
Salt/pepper to taste
Parsley/ Cilantro
Green bell pepper
Chicken, or anything really

1. Heat olive oil in frying pan
2. Add diced onion(s) and fry, sprinkling onions with paprika
If you wish to add any optional ingredients that require cooking, do so now.
3. Add diced tomato(es) and add seasoning (garlic, oregano, salt/pepper)
4. Cook on medium-high until tomato juice has evaporated.
5. Stir in whisked eggs and cook on medium until consistency is to your liking
6. Crumble in feta cheese, stir it in and remove from heat.
7. Serve with parsley/cilantro or as is.

I generally cook 2 servings which allows me to use up an entire onion. I find the best ratio of tomatoes to eggs is 2 eggs to 1 large tomato, although you may have to play around with the ratio depending on the size of your tomatoes. Generally, fewer tomatoes is better than too many tomatoes. That liquid is a pain in the ass to evaporate.


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