Feta Saganaki

Pan-fried feta cheese topped with olives.

While generally considered to be an appetizer, this is actually surprisingly filling.

Ingredients per serving
1 slice of feta cheese (around 4″x4″x1/2″ in size)
warm water from tap
1 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 tbsp olive oil or butter
Optional (to serve)
tomato slices
lemon slices

1. Cut off slice of feta, if necessary.
2. Soak in warm water, or to save a bowl just run the piece under the tap for a few seconds
3. Remove from water and roll it around in the flour, making sure it’s coated everywhere evenly.
4. Get a frying pan nice and hot with some olive oil or butter.
5. Remove feta from flour.
6. Toss it on the frying pan and sizzle until crispy on both sides (around 3-4 minutes). Add more olive oil if needed, as the flour tends to soak up quite a bit.
7. Serve with tomato slices, olives and/or lemon slices, or as an appetizer.

This can be done with pretty much any kind of cheese (especially hard cheese), and any kind of flour. Different kinds of cheese and/or flour may work better than others, and depending on what you use you may want to switch up butter instead of olive oil or vice versa. Whatever you think works best! I use olive oil instead of butter for feta cheese, since it compliments the salty flavourful taste of the feta better than butter would, although I’d probably use butter for a heavier/sweeter cheese like graviera.

Actually, I used chickpea flour the first time I tried this, just because I had it. It actually tasted really good, but it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing since chickpea flour doesn’t crisp very well when it’s fried. Give it a try if you’re not looking to impress anybody; chickpea flour is pretty tasty.

It can be served as the main course, topped with olives and tomato slices, or a heavy appetizer fit for a king. (´・ω・`) I eat it by taking a tomato slice and chewing it a little while I cut off a piece of my still-warm feta, then I’ll add that to my mouth along with an olive and chew it all up together. It is an amazing combination, total happiness in the mouth……. (◕‿◕✿) But to my understanding the usual topping is a lemon slice. You could use that too… (*ノ・ω・)


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